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Websites for the eclectic business owner.

YourBusyBee specializes in working with Woman-Owned Businesses (WODs), small businesses, arts organizations/professionals, and non-profit organizations, as well as large corporations. We are a full-service website design agency with primary offices in Chattanooga, TN and servicing areas throughout the world, including California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and more.

Recent Work

In addition to working on independent projects, YBB’s owner also collaborates as a core team member of Brotsky and Cadre Omni-Media, among others. The selected projects below represent work done in these various capacities.



  • Animated Underlines with CSS
  • Code Snippett: Remove emoji code in your WordPress header, no plugin
  • Code Snippet: Exclude Password-Protected Posts from Recent Posts Feed
  • Super-Duper Advanced WordPress Login Screen Customization
  • Easily modify many areas of your WordPress Login page with simple code snippets
  • Code Snippets to Customize your WordPress admin area

Client Testimonials

“Laura is absolutely AMAZING! Her work is top notch and her professionalism is above and beyond others in her field. But what’s best about YourBusyBee is the dedication to mastering each client’s vision and specific look. When I need design work of any kind, YourBusyBee is my go-to source for quality, affordability, and creativity.”

VanNessa Hulme

Founder’s Forum & Beyond the Stage

“Laura is one of the most talented graphic artists I have had the pleasure to work with. Within a day, she created the logo for my photography company without any influence from me. From concept to finished design, she made it happen and I am thrilled with the results. I use this logo on all of my artwork and company branding. Thank you Laura, you are the best…”

Jon Cossentine

“Laura gives the kind of personal attention and time to each project that you usually just dream of with other designers. She works diligently to combine my vision with the practicalities of whatever medium we’re working in at the time, whether it be print design, website development, or online marketing pieces. She ensures that the elements for each production create a cohesive whole in order to establish consistent branding for each show we do.”

Victoria Watson

The Pasadena Playhouse, Firece Backbone Theatre, and Theatre Planners

A Few Esteemed Clients

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